Nexus 6 Concept and Specifications

Nexus 6

As you know every phone, more or less has its own history. Something that he started. Thus, this Nexus 6 model has and he went with his predecessor HTC Nexus One in Jan 2010, then in Dec 2010 Samsung Nexus S, and then in Nov 2011 the Samsung Galaxy. First it happened to the record-breaking sales, and the ratio of performance and price was in 2012, when he came out LG Nexus 4. Evolution continues to progress and the red comes from the 2013 model LG Nexus 5. This was just a brief overview of the predecessor of Nexus 6 model, which we now need to introduce. And give as much information as possible.

Nexus 6 Concept

What is seen as the key thing is to learn from previous models and learned from our mistakes. It is said that the Work on the design of the glass, even though it really was not a mistake. But the manual was kind of inconvenience. Given that the Nexus 6 model will have some modifications to customer demand. The current model Nexus 5 also about cameras should have some modifications. The design, which is expected in the Nexus 6 models could be clarified in a few steps: screen size, body, shape.

Screen size should be increased. His predecessor had 5 inches and this model Nexus 6 should be have 5.3 inches. This was done so that the Nexus 4 had 4.7 and its successor 5 inches, and on that basis it is assumed that this will have a slightly larger screen. Protection will probably be the Corning Gorilla Glass. Screen with IPS display is also one of most characteristics.

When we are talking about the body of the Nexus 6 models, it is assumed to be metallic, although it certainly was not any predecessor Nexus 4 and Nexus 5.
On this occasion, we can not give the exact order will look like the shape of phone but can not put the picture, it is assumed that it will look like.


What awaits producers is not an easy thing. If it is true as there are rumors it will be this smart phone that is a little monster. The point is that the Nexus 6 gets to 8 GB of RAM. Greatly, there are several blogs that say that the Nexus 6 will support 6 GB RAM. As we look to is not very reasonable. Or for us is reasonable. See below some of the specifications that were presented and judge for yourself:

4GB and 128GB memory versions
20MP ultra low light sensitivity camera sensor
5 inches 2K UHD resolution display
3100 mAh battery
True octa-core, 2.4Ghz+ processor
At least 4GB RAM

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